Creo Medical Ltd. is the new name for MicroOncology Ltd., a company (formed in 2003) that specialised in the application of highly-controlled microwave and millimetre wave techniques to Oncology. MicroOncology Ltd was re-branded as Creo Medical Ltd. in 2010, the name change recognising the organisation's desire and ability to take its core expertise into indications other than Oncology.

Creo Medical Ltd. retains the microwave and millimetre research and development expertise, and now applies it to a broader range of advanced electro-surgical instruments and non-thermal plasma sterilisation technology. There is an extremely strong track record of Intellectual Property (IP) generation, and the company has numerous international and GB Patent applications - the earliest of which are now granted.

Creo Medical Ltd. is working with leading clinicians to develop products that offer quicker operating times and faster patient recovery, and also systems that can help in the fight against hospital acquired infections.